Hello from Irvine Patterson... / by Kara Irvine

On Saturday, irvinepatterson.com officially opened its doors. So come on in, take a refurbished seat, and have a look around.

This is our first time meeting, so it’s only fair that we should help you get to know us. But we hate those awkward first date chats…no one has time for drawn out small talk...so let’s just dive straight in to the good stuff.  Here are ten key things you should know about Irvine Patterson –

  1. We’re a mother-daughter team, made up of Carole Patterson and Kara Irvine.
  2. We’re honest.
  3. We genuinely love transforming and refurbishing each and every vintage piece. But, because we’re honest, we’ll admit that when we’re 2 hours into removing shellac varnish, we feel the love a little less.
  4. If it’s not good quality, we won’t sell it. To us it’s important to choose well-crafted pieces.
  5. Money might make the world go round, but we believe in fair pricing. We're also giving our customers an extra 10% off to celebrate our launch (use code 'IPFRIENDS' at checkout).
  6. We love rich colours, bold colours and sharp finishes – this means you probably won’t see a whole lot of shabby chic from us.
  7. We’re obsessed with Anthropologie handles and pulls. Handmade with quality materials, they’re always our first choice.
  8. Although we know we shouldn’t, we pick favourites. Right now, Kara’s is the G-Plan Fresco coffee table…straight out of Don Draper’s Mad Men office. And Carole’s? The Regency Style chest of drawers...which it seems like Carole created to fit straight into her own home ;-). 
  9. We work by the rule, that if we wouldn’t have an item in our own home, we wouldn’t expect you to buy it for yours. So, you can be confident that we ensure every piece is immaculately finished. And after reading this, fact 10 will come as no surprise.
  10. Every day we battle with our own selfishness…some pieces we find hard to part with.

Now that you know us a little better...maybe you'd like to meet again? Come back and visit our website any time, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

It's been lovely meeting you.

Irvine Patterson

Source: irvinepatterson.com